We provide private-label, comprehensive enterprise software for digital administration of personal property claims. Our software streamlines the claims process, facilitating collaboration. Contact us to schedule a free demo.

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In this global web-based economy, insurance companies must innovate to survive. DigiPro is focused on making every human better - through efficiency, ease of use, and productive collaboration. With 11 patent claims and PCT filed in 150+ countries, no other software can offer the same powerful features.

Cloud Based Architecture

DigiPro reduces implementation time, while increasing reliablility and security. Quickly scalable, with unlimited concurrent user capability, our cloud architecture delivers a results-driven solution.

Unified Communication

Secure, unlimited interaction between Claimants, Adjusters, Vendors and Administrators is unique - via our patented, web-based video conferencing module. Messages, notes, images and videos are sent and received within the software at the touch of a button. Video conferences handle more than 50 participants.


Customized for each Carrier, DigiPro steamlines a cohesive process for all phases of a contents claim. Elimination of duplicate services greatly reduces adjusted file expense, and real-time collaboration inceases productivity throughout the lifecycle of a claim.

Adjuster Tools

Adjusters conduct remote meetings online with Claimants or investigators/experts, and include video statements or recordings from any location, saved directly into the claim file. Embedded ALE forms, digital attachment of documentation, with ACV and RCV auto-calculated with built-in depreciation tables, help Adjusters handle more claims in less time.

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Claimant Tools

Patented “Memory Assist” and intuitive voice-driven inventory tools support Claimants in easily preparing their own “loss list”, eliminating duplicate expense of transcription services. Our customer-centric, 24/7 in-house support, and team communication at the touch of a button result in satisfied policyholders with undisputed claim resolution.

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Vendor Tools

Vendors transparently document their work, filing videos, images, invoices and reports for all (salvageable and unsalvageable) personal property contents handled throughout the claim. Adjusters monitor activity for timely resolution of Vendor issues and oversights, entirely within the software.

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DigiPro connects everyone – all the time. Claimants are engaged as part of the resolution team, while Adjusters auto-monitor all Vendors - from pack-out to contractors and mortgage companies. Collaboration is seamless with internal cross-platform messaging, screen-sharing and more.


Critical in a global economy, specific data is extracted – regionally pertinent to each Carrier’s end-game and isolated even to zip codes. Marketing advantages are created, not only for insurance products, but to leverage trends and buying habits toward expansion of diverse platforms.

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